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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Today was the last day of the winter season.  Thanks to all of our patrons and employees.  See you on the Zip Lines until we meet again on the snow in December!


Our Daily Trail Update is below please note that trails and lifts are each marked with GREEN OPEN or RED CLOSED indicators so you'll know which trails and lifts are open each day.

So Much Fun So Close To Home!
Trails & Slopes
                      Lifts   Other Facilities
A -Alpine closed  
F - Glacier closed 
                  1. Tubing closed
11. Parking
B - Fawn closed  
G - Plummet closed
                  2. Black Granite - double chairlift closed  
12. First Aid
C - Buck closed
  H - Snow Tubing closed                   3. Boulder - triple chairlift closed  
13. Base Lodge
D- Hawk closed   I - Mole Hill closed
                  4. Rocktop - double chairlift closed  
14. Lenape Lodge
E - Drifter closed                       5. Stonehill - double chairlift closed 
15. Ski Rentals
                        6. Magic Carpet© closed

16. Camp Fire

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